To My Blindness

สวัสดีจ้า 😁

How's everyone? Can't believe that it has been a week already! We'll, It's been raining all week. I'm not sure if there's a typhoon but everyone pls keep safe!

Biking in the rain this week was fun except that it's not that safe. But good thing: everyone is เกรงใจ to let us in because we're drenched. Haha just kidding! Some older people are telling us to turn off our phones too if it's raining because we might get struck by lightning.

The Linguist and a Baptism

Aloha!!! Had such a great week! 💃🏻

The week started off with a weather that's gloomy and rainy (HELLO typhoon). But not us! Just the weather 😁 we always have plastic bags if ever it rains to protect the blue book: Book of Mormon! 💙


Well, I guess it's Pday again! 😁

I know it has been only 2 full days but it's Monday again and we're back to our regular Pday schedule! Yay! Well, there's really nothing much to say but I think I have a few stories to tell, hahaha! 

We had an awesome ZONE PDAY AND ZONE CONFERENCE in Ubon! We had some new goals and everyone is excited to "missionary work!"💪🏼 Some goals include: centering aspects of missionary work to Christ, diligently fishing everyday, talking with at least 10 people a day, and most of all, directing investigators/members/recent converts to the temple. Because the temple is the goal... right? ❤


Phikun's Family

Hello, everyone! The last time we had a pday, it was the start of the month. And now, we're almost halfway through July! Woah! Where did time go? Honestly, it went by so fast. Met a lot of amazing people too! 

Well, last week, we finally met with our new Mission President... President Hammond! (Together with his wife, and 2 kids) They are amazing! They brought with them a different energy and vibe to the work and that makes us all excited to work with them too! We're going to be with them today for Zone Pday and Zone Conference (in Ubon). Sooo that's exciting.


We went to Surin 3 weeks ago and rode elephants. It was SO FUN!!!!!!! 
Biking without hands... 
สวัสดีค่ะ 🌐 

It's ALREADY July!!! Where did time go? I have no idea which week I'm on but guess what? I'm still in Mahasarakham! (With Sister Peterson). So the Journey continues in มหาสารคาม. I'm on my fourth transfer now and I had to say goodbye to my one hour Language study time. 😅 I have no idea how my Thai is right now but It's okay, I guess! Haha I remember 3 Sundays ago I translated for some members from Cambodia(Thai to English) for the Sacrament Meeting. It wasn't easy! Hahahaha so I just kind of made my own talk... hahahaha

Kaya ko to จริงๆ ☺

Hello, everyone! Your favorite sister missionary is back! (Haha, that's for my family)

So It has been long since I last emailed. We had stake and zone conferences last week and we were blessed to have Elder Muers of the Seventy with us..  He is amazing! He focused more on ministering and what it really means. We had a special meeting with him (just for missionaries) and talked about our investigators. We volunteered to talk about our investigator ต๋อย. Sister Peterson and I had the chance to role play with President and Sister Johnson too. I'll say I was a kinda nervous but it was so fun and I'll miss the Johnsons so much. In zone conference, we were asked the question: Why do we do what we do? 

I am reminded of my purpose as a missionary, a servant of the Lord. Sometimes, LOVE is just one of the most used words. We can say we love a book, we love a view, or we love something. But to say We LOVE the Lord is something different. It's something that we show, something that we do. I know that I am a missionary because of my love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And to help in this LABOR OF LOVE  is an opportunity to show my love for Them and to my brothers and sisters. Definitely, this is not the only way to show our love for the Lord. We have small and simple things too. That is a challenge for each and every one of us.

งูเขียว (No BIG Deal)

On Saturday, we visited a place for old people and I met this grandma! She is so sweet and when I left her she was calling "Gagarin! Gagarin!" Hahaha, so cute!

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing?

This week has been one of the most interesting weeks of my mission ( at least for me hahaha)


THERE WAS A SNAKE IN OUR HOUSE. It was a green snake! I almost got bit by it but thankfullyyyyyyyy we were safe!!!! Our branch President came and killed it for us. We aren't sure yet if we're moving houses or not though. But I definitely was not able to sleep well for a night. Hahaha We're still alive!

Third Transfer // Week 22

Hello, everyone! 

This week has been fun and all sorts of challenging! Well, Im not a greenie anymore! That's new to me. Biking the roads of Mahasarakham has been familiarly strange, if that makes sense at all. This time, I lead the area so the area has never looked this big for me hahaha. It was kind of hard but this is a milestone I guess for missionaries as we need to go out of our comfort zone and be full pledged missionaries. (Not training anymoreeeee)

Happy Mother's Day + 3rd Transfer (Greenie No More)

How are you all?

It's transfer day tomorrow! We're going down to Bangkok to work on our Visas and get our new companions. I'll be staying in Mahasarakham and I'm so glad! I love this area and the people here so much so I'm really excited for this transfer. I'm surely going to miss my mom (SIster Pherson) so much. She's the best trainer and I'm blessed to have her for 2 transfers. SO, I'm not a greenie anymore! (You get to be a greenie on your first two transfers. meaning: you're on training) I'm done with training so there's no excuse anymore. Thai is still a work on progress but I know that the Lord will help me with the language.



How are you all? It's been a while since I last sent an email but everything's going well here in Mahasarakham!

Last week, we had switchoffs with the sister training leaders and they were in our area so we arranged the schedules for the day. I was with Sister Feldman (she was a greenie here so it was really fun and learned a lot from her!) 

Oh also, I almost forgot, I gave a talk at the sacrament meeting 2 Sundays ago!!! I shared my favorite airplane story. I was really nervous but also excited to share because our investigators came! I was so happy they came because they(จุ๊ย and นาบุญ) were so worried they wouldn't have friends. they ended up going home at 2pm though! They surely made friends! They are really so good! every time we visit them they will tell us about what they have read in the Book of Mormon! Last time, จุ๊ย 's prayer was " Heavenly Father, Yesterday, I saw a kid who fell off her bike and I helped her. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." but they improved so much now. every time we end a lesson they always ask when they are going to learn again which is soooo cute! Hopefully, they'll receive permission to be baptized this Sunday. นาบุญ told us how she prayed so much because her grandma might take her to move to another place. But now, they will not move anymore! God really answers our prayers!

Love you all and I'll be keeping this email short, hehehe! 

With love,
ซิสเตอร์ กาการิน
Sister Gagarin

Thai New Year and Water Festival (Songkran)

Songkran was so fun! For pday, we went to a downtown road and it's so packed! There are so many people and literally, everyone would pour water on you. It's like a way of showering blessings for them. We met some less actives along the way so that was interesting. It was kind of weird to pour water on them in like, our first meeting but it was Songkran! hahahaha But one of them came to church last sunday so that was really great! Here are some photos! 

*also included is a photo of a veryyyyyyyyyyy sweet dog hahaha even though I'm kinda scared