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MahaSarakham Week 3

สวัสดีค่ะ! เป็นอย่างไรบ้าง? :)

This week felt really long! We had to go to different places and stayed less in our area but... We have to work hard to find people! 

Last Monday night, we flew to Bangkok because of work permits. It's so good to see my district again! Also, we stayed at SisterMader and Sister Munro's apartment. It was great seeing them. So Tuesday was more of an 8 hr bus ride back to Mahasarakam. We were kind of late for English Class but we met these 2 amazing girls and we might teach them next week if they have free time. But they are potentials! :) 

We went to Kalasin for District meeting which is an hour away. I love district meetings because I learn so much from everyone. This week, we talked about the importance of commitments and Follow ups. Commitments help in preparing people for the covenants of Baptism and Confirmation(pmg :)) and faith is shown by our willingness to commit... and do it, of course ;)

Thursday was such a fun learning experience. I was in a…

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